Zodiac Hoops

$17.00 - $20.00
  • Zodiac Hoops
  • Zodiac Hoops
  • Zodiac Hoops
  • Zodiac Hoops

These hoops are all laser cut from cast acrylic at 1/4 thickness. Each signs' coloration matches the vibe from the zodiac.

Each hoop is 2.5'' x 2.2 inches. All of the text is reinforced by a layer of clear acetate which is not noticable from afar, it is simply to make the text more long lasting and less likely to break. All though the earrings are reinforced, please take care of them! They are still cast acrylic and could possibly break with mistreatment.

Please note that due to the nature of laser cutting, there are some scorch marks on the backs of the earrings. The fronts are not discolored at all, however due to the lasering process some areas have them. They are all cleaned prior to shipment to the best of my abilities.

There are 9 pairs for each sign, and they will not be restocked until at least mid november.

A grade earrings have no imperfections regarding text Legibility, however all earrings have atleast slight laser marks, b grade earrings may have imperfections such as slight legibility issues, darker laser markings or asymmetrical sides. These are minor imperfections, (any ones with worse imperfections were not listed for sale.) They are discounted in price due to their imperfections.

Color Masterlist:
Gemini: Forest Green with glitter
Scorpio: Burnt orange with glitter
Leo: Pure Gold Glitter
Aries: Red Glitter
Virgo: Solid matte green
Aquarius: Clear, holographic glitter
Taurus: Glittery seafoam green
Cancer: glittery icy baby blue
Capricorn: Dark glittery purple
Libra: Matte Baby pink
Sagittarius: Matte Hot pink
Pisces: Glittery pale yellow