FAQ/Product Care

Orders cannot be cancelled once they are submitted, once I receive your order I begin packing or creating the item. By placing an order in my shop you agree to these terms and conditions.

♥ I ship every Monday and Friday with the exception of a holiday, all premade orders ship out the next shipping day. Please take consideration of processing times when ordering a custom/made to order item. 

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Since my pieces are made to order I currently do not accept returns. I offer tracked shipping on all of my items with the exception of sticker products to ensure that you are able to keep track of your item when it is on its way to you. 

 I ensure that all of my packages are wrapped to create the safest possible transportation of the piece, but negligence by the postal service does take place. If a piece arrives damaged or broken please contact me and we can decide the best course of action for your situation or reship an item depending on its availability. All orders are also shipped with shipping insurance as well as tracking.

If your package is lost in transit I will submit a missing package claim to the USPS. This process takes about 1 -2 weeks, and when the form is resolved I will issue a replacement package if the item is deemed unretrievable. If your item is marked as delivered to your correct location, i can not issue a refund. Please check with your local post office or your surrounding neighbors.

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Resin Care:

Please keep these items away from direct heat, such as fire if your item is an ashtray!! When shipping in the summer some resin items may get a bit malleable if they are left in direct heat, such as a metal mailbox outside. This can be fixed by setting them in the freezer for a few moments. To clean your resin pieces you can always apply just a bit of soap and cold water.

For resin jewelry items, please remove them before bathing or swimming.

Apparel Care:

All of my screen printed items are done with screen printing ink so they will not easily wash out of clothing. Some fading over extended periods of time may occur, to avoid this you can wash all of my screen printed items inside out on a cold, gentle cycle. This same care should be taken with my iron on items as well.

Lasercut Care:

Please note that due to the nature of laser cutting, there are some scorch marks on the backs of some laser cut items. The fronts are not discolored at all, however due to the lasering process some areas have them. They are all cleaned prior to shipment to the best of my abilities. For cleaning lasercut item, you can use a bit of glasses or window cleaner such as windex on a napkin to remove any smudges on the plastic.

Caring for Prints and Stickers:

My prints and stickers are all sent in compostable plastic protective wrapping during shipment to avoid any water damage in case it rains while your items are in transit. All of my stickers are printed on waterproof, heavy duty vinyl and fade proof paper. My prints are printed on heavy cardstock, and always packed with a protective backing to avoid bending during shipment.

To prevent the ink from fading overtime, avoid hanging the prints in extremely sunny places. They may become sun bleached over time.